Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New larch on its way...

Hi Guys

Just a few picture of a new fantastic Larch I have made a reservation on.. cant wait to have it home!
Description from the shop ( 

  • A very old tree that has spent many years in a bonsai pot

  • Great branch structure and ramification

  • Exceptional quality bark texture

  • 34" tall from the top of it's bonsai pot - 19" wide overall - 5" diameter nebari

  • Planted in a stoneware bonsai pot.

"From a private collection. This tree has spent many decades in a bonsai pot. A lot of time, love and skill have combined to make a sublime bonsai with great character. From the pictures this looks like a slightly familiar boring straight tree. However in the flesh it exudes great character. The branch placement, structure and refinement of this tree combine to make a bonsai of rare quality. It's a rare day to come across such a mature bonsai tree. Buy this and when it's delivered you will be glad you did!"

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