Sunday, May 17, 2015

New figus Retusa Part 2 - Defoliating

Dear All,

Yesterday I decided to work on the new Figus I bought online. I firstly defoliated the whole tree to better see what I had to work with. It is important ONLY to do this to very healthy the tree will be weakned... but as the tree was in perfect condition.. I went for it.... Below are some pictures of the tree defoliated.. as you can see there are a lot of branches to work with but most of them was long a leggy. 

I think the tree can look amazing when it is done and I was happy to see there are NO big wire marks or ugly scares to deal with.

Front of the tree


Backside of the tree

Close up.. a lot of branches to work with.

Right side of the tree

Left side of the tree

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