Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Japanese Shimpaku after wiring

Dear All, 

Below you will find pictures of the Japanese Shimpaku after I did some more wiring.. It still needs to develop further and some branches needs to be longer. 

For some reason I dont think the tree photographs very well and is much nicer in real life... I guess it is because of the flat effect from the picture where you can not get a feeling of the different depths. 

I think the pictures from above bird eyeview show much better the way the branches have been placed around the tree.   

The tree still need some fine fine adjustments as the pads looks a bit rough and untidy... but will leave the tree to grow another month or so before doing that part.

The top part of the crown I want to keep round to give the impression of age.

Any suggestions for further development/adjustments are highly appreciated... 


Dear All,

The Japanese Shimpaku I bought  at the Manseien nursery in Omiya Japan summer 2013 I managed to work on this weekend. 

I wanted to change the design a bit and create a more upright formal style. Original the tree had a very round top and in a very small pot. The pot I placed it in now is just temporary. The original pot is a tokonoma pot. 

Below you will find pictures of the tree before the last bit was wired and some detailed shots as well. I am really happy with this little tree. 

Picture of the tree at the hotel in Tokyo

Front of the tree the weekend before the last wiring

Back side of the tree 

Left side of the tree

Jin details

Shari details

Shari on trunk details

View from the top of the healthy tree

Nebari at the front

Nebari at the back

Tree ready for for wire

Chinese Juniper - Itoigawa

Dear All,

This weekend I managed to take a closer look at the Chinese Juniper (Itoigawa) I bought online about a month ago.. and i did not get disappointed. The tree have great movement, good nebari, branch placement etc etc. 
For this kind of Juniper you should not remove more than around 15 procent of the greens as the tree will soot out the more ugly juvenile needles. 

I decided to cut pf the first lower branch and but the tree back in the bench to recover.. maybe later this year I will start doing more styling on the tree. I left a stump of the branch I removed as It will be turned into a jin and maybe even part of a shari later on. 

Below a few pictures.. 

Larch forrest

Dear All,

Last fall I collected some small larch trees to be used in a forrest. This summer I will allow the trees to grow freely. Now the forrest is about 55cm tall - but think I want a very tall design of this group... maybe 75-90 cm. Think it could be something different and nice... again.. still have a long way to go.. will keep you posted..

Front pictures of the group planting from this weekend.

Close up of tree placement. The trees have been placed a bit close and then "out and up". I think is effect can look very nice when the group gets more developed.. almost like a clump feel to it.

Forrest from November last year.
 I decided to remove some of the trees as it will become too many for a very tall design.

Inspirational picture

3 Euro pine update - 2 month later...

Dear ALL,

In march I did a first styling of a 3 Euro pine tree... it is about 35 cm tall. 

Today I took a picture of the tree.. seams happy! I will let it grow another month or so and then do a light trimming. The top part I will let grow freely to thicken the trunk. I am tempted to try to leave the wire on the trunk on.. forever :-)

Tree after first styling 13th of March.

The pine tree today in the sun.

New larch... NOT on its way...

Dear All,

I am sorry to write that the new Larch that I had made a reservation on was sold to somebody els... I am really bummed out about it as it was a fantastic tree but hope the person that bought it will enjoy it to its fullest!


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Furture Bonsai - Twin trunk pine bonsai

Dear All,

Yesterday I worked on a couple of very small pine trees.. they are like 3 euro each... know they do not seam like a lot.. and they are not supposed to.. but every bonsai starts in the small.. so maybe in 20-30 years from now on they will look fantastic...

Below I have added a couple of inspirational pictures for twin trunk bonsai pines.

All the best

3 euro trees and an old pot...

Yes.. they look very sad.. LOL

A little bit better...

Still have many years to grow until it will look like a bonsai..

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New larch on its way...

Hi Guys

Just a few picture of a new fantastic Larch I have made a reservation on.. cant wait to have it home!
Description from the shop ( Kaizenbonsai.com): 

  • A very old tree that has spent many years in a bonsai pot

  • Great branch structure and ramification

  • Exceptional quality bark texture

  • 34" tall from the top of it's bonsai pot - 19" wide overall - 5" diameter nebari

  • Planted in a stoneware bonsai pot.

"From a private collection. This tree has spent many decades in a bonsai pot. A lot of time, love and skill have combined to make a sublime bonsai with great character. From the pictures this looks like a slightly familiar boring straight tree. However in the flesh it exudes great character. The branch placement, structure and refinement of this tree combine to make a bonsai of rare quality. It's a rare day to come across such a mature bonsai tree. Buy this and when it's delivered you will be glad you did!"

Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Figus Retusa Part 3 - styling/wiring

Dear All

Next step in the process was to style the tree... a lot of leggy branches had to be removed and I wired the tree... a rough styling first... looks much better in real life than in the pictures. 

I also wanted to keep the aerial roots and develop them further.. some of them was still green and alive but not reaching the soil.. so I decided to put glasses of water underneath them.. so hopefully they will develop and grow.. and at the end be so long I can dig then into the soil. 

Below you will find the picture of the roughly styled tree... and at the bottom some inspirational pictures I found online of this kind of tree.

As you can see in the pictures the branches goes "out and up" as it is the most natural look fo this kind of tree.