Sunday, May 17, 2015

New figus Retusa

Dear All, 

A couple of weeks ago I saw this new figus retusa online... and a couple of days later I decided to purchase it. I really liked the natural feel of the tree. It needed some work as it was kinda overgrown and many leggy branches. I will keep the shape of the tree quit round and compact.
The branches will be placed in a "out and up" way, as these trees grow in this way.

The pot itself was broken (already in the description online) so I asked the nursery - Kaizenbonsai.ukif they had a suggestion to a replacement pot. (ended up with the green you can see sits underneath the tree in the pictures.  Maybe the tree should have gone into a more ovale pot but I really like the more rectangular ones. But this glazed pot it really nice for this tree. 
It is a bit too early to repot.. so that will be done later this summer. 

Below I have posted some pictures of the tree of arrival. It was very well packed from the nursery. 

Very well boxed and in perfect condition on arrival.

Front of the tree

Nebari in the front

Backside of the tree

Backside of the tree

Left hand side

Front view up the trunk

Right hand side

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