Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New maple bonsai (Acer palmatum)

Dear All,

I am super happy.. In a couple of weeks I will be receiving this great tree from KaizenBonsai in the UK.
Will post some more pictures of the tree when it arrives in the garden.

Picture form the web on how this kind of tree looks with leaves

Saturday, October 10, 2015

3 Euro Pinus follow up.

This early spring I bought a3 smlla Pinus pine trees for 3 Euro each.

Below I have added a picture of one of them as they look today... Still have a long way to go..

Tree in March 2015

Tree today Octber 2015

Small figus cuttings update

Dear All

A small update on the Figus cuttings I did in early spring. They have been placed in pots and one I have started as root over rock... but hidden still in the soil. I forgot to take some pictures when I did the start up... but as I have done the root over rock so early in the stage of this tree I am sure the result will pay off in the long (long) run.

All 4 survived.. but only have pic of 3 here as the last one is in my office.

In general the trees will have to go into bigger and bigger pots throughout the next 5-10 years.. as the trunks will have to get much fatter. 
At the moment they really do not look of much.. I know... but again.. in 20-30 years from now on...

Root over rock project

Cuttings in May 2015

Small update on Figus Forrest

Hi Guys 
It has been a while but still going strong :-)
I just wanted to post a small update on the Figus forrest. It is doing well and I can see this forrest can be quit nice in some years from now. Of course it will have to develop much more and I think the hight will be twice as high as it is now. 

Forrest today

Trees right after they were placed in the pot.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Dear ALL,

This weekend I was in Berlin and stopped by the Concept Bonsai store.

It is located in center and a nice store to visit. I took a couple of pictures of the store.
They have both "gift" quality bonsai and more high end outdoor and indoor trees.

Address of the store:  

Kantstraße 141, 10623 Berlin, Tyskland
+49 30 88061736

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Junimper Shimpaku - shohin

Dear ALL,

In summer 2011 I bought this little Juniper Shimpaku at

I was not sure what to do with it.. so I did a terible first styling when I got the tree and then I repotted it in 2012 for a bigger pot to get back the health..

Now the tree are very healthy.. and I will do some styling on this tree this summer... will keep you posted.

All the best

Tree after first styling summer 2011

IKEA Figus forrest

Dear ALL,

Anther post from me on pre bonsai materials... went to IKEA and found these little combined figus plants... I bought 3 and wanted to create a forrest of it... again.. nothing special..AT ALL!  but who knows in 10 years from now on...

Will keep posting of the process.


Monday, June 15, 2015

ISTEDGADE REEF my other passion

Dear ALL, 

Just wanted to share with you my other great passion.. our reef tank... almost underwater bonsai..

Where are you guys from?

Dear ALL,

Would be fun to see who are reading my blog and where you are from. So please post in comments... :-)

Dont be shy..

All the best












Friday, June 12, 2015

Juniper and mini sculpture

Dear All,

Yesterday I was on Facebook and saw this lovely little wire sculpture for sale from a guy named Ken To.
It reminded me of the the Juniper I styled about a month ago... see below:


Monday, June 8, 2015

Figus retusa branch grafting video ( not mine)

Dear ALL,

here are another great video from David showing how to graft a branch to one of his trees. I will try to aply the same to my figus treees in the future. I dont need branches.. I think... but the trunk lines and nebari can be improved by this methode.

cant wait to try it...

Aerial roots grafting video (Not mine)

Dear ALL

On Youtube I am following David Cortizas - all his videos are in Spanish and I dont undertstand but still get a lot from seeing them - Thanks David :-)

He did a 3 part video on how to do aerial root graftings.. This is how I have planned to do with my Figus trees at a later state.

New Figus Retusa update

Dear ALL,

I just wanted to post some pictures of the new Figus I bought and defoliated. It is doing great and is shooting out some new growth... however.. I can see the areas where i have left the tip.. it shoots out new growth.. meaning that the new growth will also be "leggy" :-( But those branches can be redused at a later state.

The trick with "activating" the aerial roots have also worked... I took some pictures of the process so far. i will leave them in water cups for some time.. ( untill I will repot the tree later this summer... hopefully they should be long enough to reach the soil level.  There are still some aerial roots I havent activated yet as they sit higher on the tree.. but that will be later to avoid having too many cups of water and bottles around the tree.