Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New maple bonsai (Acer palmatum)

Dear All,

I am super happy.. In a couple of weeks I will be receiving this great tree from KaizenBonsai in the UK.
Will post some more pictures of the tree when it arrives in the garden.

Picture form the web on how this kind of tree looks with leaves

Saturday, October 10, 2015

3 Euro Pinus follow up.

This early spring I bought a3 smlla Pinus pine trees for 3 Euro each.

Below I have added a picture of one of them as they look today... Still have a long way to go..

Tree in March 2015

Tree today Octber 2015

Small figus cuttings update

Dear All

A small update on the Figus cuttings I did in early spring. They have been placed in pots and one I have started as root over rock... but hidden still in the soil. I forgot to take some pictures when I did the start up... but as I have done the root over rock so early in the stage of this tree I am sure the result will pay off in the long (long) run.

All 4 survived.. but only have pic of 3 here as the last one is in my office.

In general the trees will have to go into bigger and bigger pots throughout the next 5-10 years.. as the trunks will have to get much fatter. 
At the moment they really do not look of much.. I know... but again.. in 20-30 years from now on...

Root over rock project

Cuttings in May 2015

Small update on Figus Forrest

Hi Guys 
It has been a while but still going strong :-)
I just wanted to post a small update on the Figus forrest. It is doing well and I can see this forrest can be quit nice in some years from now. Of course it will have to develop much more and I think the hight will be twice as high as it is now. 

Forrest today

Trees right after they were placed in the pot.