Friday, April 8, 2016

Juniper update 3

Another picture of on of my Juniper doing good and got a bit of wiring.

Juniper update 2

Dear All,

Anther small juniper picture update. I re-wired the tree, changed the front and did some more work on the shari. 

Juniper update

Dear All,

Just a updated picture of one of my junipers.

Maple tree in bloom

Dear All,

Another of my maple trees in bloom.

Maple tree update

Dear All, 

A small update on one of my maple bonsai starting to bloom.

Larch forrest

A few updated picture of the Larch forrest right before bloom.


Dear All,

A new bonsai have entered into my collection. A Pinus Paviflora. I have already done a bit of styling of the tree.. but it still needs to develop the pads further.