Sunday, February 15, 2015

Figus Retusa - Airlayering.

Dear All, 

In 2013 I bought this Figus Retusa online.. but I was not really happy with it. I did the first restyling right after arrival. The nebari was terrible and a huge branch was twisted around the trunk of the tree leaving a huge "scare". I was really not sure what to do with it at the time.. I left the tree.. and sometimes by doing that and looking at it for a long time I got the answer.

I decided to change the front of the tree and since it was in good health I wanted to do something about the ugly nebari. I did a airlayering about 3 weeks ago.. and below you can see pictures of the process. The tree have already started to shoot out new roots and hopefully I can get a much nicer tree that what I had to start with. 
I will also change the angle a bit and repot the tree in a more round pot later. 

the tree as it arrived...

After the first styling but was not happy with the big scare at the front of the trunk!

The tree have just been left to grow...

The new front of the tree.with a much better trunk. I also wired the tree a bit... 

 I removed the bark around the trunk and hopefully new roots will shoot out and create a much nicer nebari for the furture.

I wrapped the part of the trunk in plastic bag and added soil. I now water the tree from the top and make sure the area is not drying out at any time.
(You can already see new white roots inside the bag after one month now.)

One month later I see the tree is in very good health and I already begin to see alot of new white roots inside the plastic bag. So fare it looks like it works. 
I am not sure when I will separate the tree from the old root base but I want to make sure there is enough new roots to support the tree... maybe a couple of months from now on. 

will keep you posted... 


Monday, February 2, 2015

Chinese Juniper - Itoigawa

Dear All
I just made a reservation on this tree from Kaizen Bonsai nursery in the UK. It will arrive within the next 2 months. Below I have added a few pictures of the tree. Cant wait to get my hands on it.
The tree is original from Korea and is about 58 cm tall, 60cm wide and with a nebari of 12cm. With a little wirring and some styling I think it can be a great Bonsai in the future.