Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bonsai - Amazing world of Masahiko Kimura at Omiya Bonsai Museum

How to access the Omiya Bonsai Museum

A youtube video on how to access the Omiya bonsai Museum (not mine) 

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TV program about Omiya Bonsai village in Japan

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In the below link you can find a nice Tv program about Omiya Bonsai village in Japan.

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During my visit in Japan I bought a small Shimpaku Bonsai in Omiya Bonsai Village. The tree is around 40cm tall and very healthy. It needed some work to be done but a very good quality.
The pot was very small so I repotted it a bigger pot to make it easier for watering etc.

 At the moment my parents are taken care of my trees as I do not have space to take care of outdoor trees where I live. - Having it in a very small pot would be at higher risk to dry out especially during the summer.

Here are a picture of the tree when I bought it:

My plan is to make it a bit more upright style - the crown of the tree was very rounded when you see it in real life - So I have started to wire the tree and lower some of the branches. The tree is still not finished but I think it will end up looking very nice. The pot will also be changed with time - but for now it is good as a training pot. 

Here are a picture how the tree looks today:

Tree as it is today..

Below I have added some inspirational pictures for the upright style I will try to achieve with this tree:


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Two years ago I was digging up a small very ugly cypress from my parents garden. The trunk had some interesting "damages" to it.  It was left in a regular pot for some time as I did not really know what to do with it. 

Last summer I removed the branch on the right side and decided to try to make into a raft style bonsai. I planted it horizontal and removed the bark in some areas on the main trunk underneath to let new roots grow out. 

I left it alone untill last week where I did the first rough styling. It does not look pretty now but in 10 years from now I am sure it can be a very nice piece. 

inspirational drawing from the web

inspirational drawing from the web

The tree as it looks after the first rough styling - not really a pretty sight :-)

For the next 2-3 years I will let the top grow to add thickness to the trunks. Especially the main trunk needs to be much thicker. 
I am not sure about the final hight but think this Bonsai will be quit tall. 
Next spring I will remove the main rootball if the tree is doing well with the new roots. I might also plant it in a bigger pot to give it some growing space. 

Here are a few more inspirational pictures with the style I will try to aim:


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Firstly HAPPY NEW YEARS 2015!
It have been a while since I last wrote on my blog - due to many reasons but hopefully for 2015 I will find the time to do more posts regarding the development of my trees. 

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