Friday, March 13, 2015

Chinese Juniper - Itoigawa design suggestion...

Dear All, 

a couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of a tree that I have bought and will work on this spring... When I saw the tree online I remembered a picture in a book of a bonsai that I could use as inspiration for the tree... It is similar style and I think that is the look that I am going for when i start working on the tree... see the similarity? 

Update on Figus airlayering...

Just a quick update on the figus airlayering that I did... Roots are starting to fill out the plastic bag and the health of the tree great... I think I will leave the tree for another month before I will seperate it from the old rootbase. 

Bonsai made of a 4 Euro tree... (Pinus pinea)

Dear All, 
A few days ago I was going home from work and I passed a local flower shop.. they had a early spring sale and I stopped to have a look. Since Christmas was over they had these little pine trees for sale for 4 euros each... first I really did not give them much thought until I remembered a video I saw on youtube some time ago.. cant remember who posted the video.. but remember the content of the video... 

A filmcrew was visiting a beautiful bonsai nursery in Japan... and the journalist was amazed by the high quality trees... the owner of the nursery asked the guy: "how old are you?" The journalist replied: "I am 32 years old". The Owner said... "look at all these beautiful trees... if you start doing bonsai now.. when you reach MY age you will be able to have the same.. most of these trees are around 30 years old!"

With this video in the back of my mind... I thought.. "hey.. why not buy a couple of these trees... work on them...not expecting anything special for at least the next 10 years to come out of these little young trees... it is not what I will get tomorrow or next year.. but in 20 years from now.. I want to be that 62year old guy with a garden full of quality trees for my enjoyment"

I think there is something fascinating about creating something that have that long time spand before it turns into something great... and then it will first be highly appreciated.

So.. long story short.. here are a picture step by step one one of the little trees..