Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Japanese Shimpaku after wiring

Dear All, 

Below you will find pictures of the Japanese Shimpaku after I did some more wiring.. It still needs to develop further and some branches needs to be longer. 

For some reason I dont think the tree photographs very well and is much nicer in real life... I guess it is because of the flat effect from the picture where you can not get a feeling of the different depths. 

I think the pictures from above bird eyeview show much better the way the branches have been placed around the tree.   

The tree still need some fine fine adjustments as the pads looks a bit rough and untidy... but will leave the tree to grow another month or so before doing that part.

The top part of the crown I want to keep round to give the impression of age.

Any suggestions for further development/adjustments are highly appreciated... 

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