Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Juniper from nursery stock - 10 Euro tree

Dear All,

In 2010 I bought a juniper from a garden center. One of these typical crawling along the ground types. I had no clue what to do with it except started to thin out the material.. and try to see what the design could be for the future. - Cascade, Semi cascade, shohin...

As I did not really have any plans for the material I kind of left it for a couple of years with a bit of wiring on it and created a few jins... maybe not the best way to style a tree.. just doing some random stuff...but honestly.. that was what I was doing...Not even my favorite material as the needles are not the most pleasent to work on as they are sharp... I kind of gave up on the material.... untill this last weekend where I decided to give it a go again.

Firstly I removed the old wire that had cut into the tree bigtime... maybe I should have left it there... then I cleaned out some of the needels and branches so it could be wired again...  Firstly it looked like the design was gonna be a semi cascade tree.. but when i took it out of the pot I had forgotten there was a straight trunk hidden in the soil.. below I have added a few pictures. the design was re-evaluated...

PLEASE NOTE: For sure not the best time to repot the tree.. and can not recommend this at this time of the year.


Tree in summer 2013

Tree this last weekend before work started...
Tree after first styling... at the point where I thought it would be a semi cascade...
Finished first styling of the tree - a more upright style.
I know the wiring is shit... but for me does not need to be pretty at this stage.
 Now the tree will rest and not touched for the rest of the year.
Next spring I actually might plant it in the ground to fatten up the trunk and leave a sacrifice branch at the top to grow freely for a couple of years. !  
But at least I know how the design will be for the future.. the tree showed me at the end... :-)

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