Monday, June 8, 2015

Figus Retusa ( airlayered ) doing great!

Dear All,

Just a small update.. the Figus retusa I did an airlayering on is doing GREAT! I think it will rewire a couple of the branches within the next few days. I have also given it a light trim and cut some of the biggest leaves in half to give more light for back-buding.

Below are a few pictures:

In the picture it looks like the trunk have reversed taper.. but the wide lower part where I did the airlayering is hidden in the soil. Cant wait for next years repotting to see how the nebari looks like and have developed...
The tree top is still too tall and will be reduced slowly. Some of the midt pads also needs to grow further. I am tempted to leave the lowest right side branch to grow bigger and lower... but I will see when i have added some wire to it.

Below I have added a couple of inspirational pictures as I might graft some aireal roots to the trunk to hide some scares in a year or so. I have small cuttings from the tree that now sits in a pot.. I will let them grow long so they can be attached to the trunk... but I will need a lot of them to create an interesting trunk...

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