Monday, June 3, 2013

Larch #4

Dear all,
Approx 2 years ago I dug up at small larch in the forrest nearby my parents place. The little tree did not look of much but I thought I could make something out of it. The tree was about 1,3 meters tall and very slim. I was thinking to shorten the tree and use a side branch as the new top. 
Below I have just added a few pictures of the tree, what I have done so far and a couple of inspirational pictures of the direction I would like to develop this tree into..... 
This little tree still have a long way to go before it becomes a beautiful bunji style tree and time will tell how the final result will be. It is still very very young.
Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the tree when it was just brought home. 

The tree in its training pot in April 2013. I repotted the tree for a more leaning angle to the right.
I have marked with orange lines where the trunk originally was placed.
I removed it completely and wired a side branch as the new top.
I created a few jins from the branches that I removed.

Here are the tree a couple of weeks ago. 
It looked very healthy and I decided to do a bit of light styling on it. 
The jin and the scare where I had cut of the main trunk I was not so happy with 
and you can clearly see where it was removed. 
I decided to clean it up and hopefully the wound will close up within the next year or 2. 
It also gives a more smooth transition between the trunk and the new top.  

Here are the picture of the light styles tree.
The main branch at the top I have left to grow  long to thicken up the trunk.
At a later state - maybe within the next 2 years or so the branch will be shortened a lot.
A new apex will be created with one of the other branches at the top.
Below I have posted some inspirational pictures of what style the tree might ends up looking like in some years from now.

All the best

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