Monday, June 3, 2013

Juniper Shimpaku shohin #5

Dear all. 
This little Juniper Shimpaku I bought online at in 2010. It is a nice little tree with a twisted trunk. The tree is approx. 16cm tall. 
In early spring 2011 I styled the tree and did a shari on the trunk. To be honest I was not so happy with the styling and the end result but I left it to gain more strength. A few month later some of the branches had died back and others had grown stronger. 

In 2012 I cleaned up some of the dead branches and planted it in a bigger training pot to gain more strength before I could start working on it again. 

Later this summer I might start working on the shari and jins and do a light trimming of the tree. Below I have posted pictures of the tree after this first styling ( yes - it is terrible I know!) and how the tree looks today - very healthy! I have also attached an inspirational picture of how I would like to shape the pads and apex. in the future.

Cant wait to start working on this litlte shohin.  

Tree as it looks today - Very healthy!
Tree after its first styling - had no clue on how it would end up looking like!

Inspirational picture of how I would like the pads to develop.

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