Sunday, June 2, 2013

Figus Retuas #2 - update

Dear all,
I just wanted to post a little update on the Figus Retusa I did some work on a couple of weeks ago. It was a new tree I bought and I defoliated it, wired it and put it carefully in a new pot.
The tree have started to shoot new light green leaves all over and I will leave it alone for the next couple of months to gain strength again. 
I will keep a close eye on the wiring making sure the wire do not cut into new growth when the bark thickens up.
I repotted the tree but after looking at it for a while and seeing the new pictures I am not that satisfied with the angle of the tree.  I will now have to live with it for a couple of years untill it is time to repot it again - but then again it is my own fault as I rushed the repotting too much.

We live and we learn! 

All the best


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