Friday, May 10, 2013

Shohin Juniper #3

This little juniper tree I have had since august 2008. It was bought at a Bonsai nursery in Denmark.
I saw great potential in this small tree, and started to work on it as soon as I got home. 
Here is a few pictures of the process. 
I was repoting it for a more dramatic and rough pot, wich I feel goes great with the style of the tree.
The size of the tree is about 15 cm tall.

The Juniper as I bought it at the nursery and before the first styling.

Picture of the tree during the first styling in my hands.
Lowest branch I decided to make into a jin.
More of the pads are starting to take shape.

Very difficult to style such a small tree. All mistakes are shown straight away.
Finished result

The tree in its new pot. I like this pot as it gives the tree a more dramatic appearance. 

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