Friday, May 10, 2013

Acer Buergarianum #1 Part two

Dear all
I have started to work on the Acer Buergarianum I bought a couple of days ago. I will not do a lot of work as the tree have just starting to open the leaves. I will not jeopardise the health of the tree - so only a few "quick fixes".

I will do the following adjustments:

- Light trimming of the branches
- Using guy wire to pull down some branches.

The tree as I bought it.

Added the first guy wire to one of the lowest branches. 

In order to avoid the wire to cut into the branch I have added plastic tubes as protection. 
The tube you can buy at the local aquarium store.

The wire from the branch is connected to a wire that is attached around the pot. 
This allows more guy wire to be attached to the pot at the same time.

More branches are being pulled down carefully.

Another close up of the wire attached to the branch with the plastic tube.

I decided to pull down several branches with this technique.

While applying the guy wire I also give some of the branches a light trim.

A view from above after the trimming and guy wire.
Top view showing the branches. I have tried to balance them out all around the tree.

Tree before work was done.
The finished result for now. Now the tree have to rest for the summer.
Might give it a light trim later on again.

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