Friday, May 10, 2013

Acer Buergarianum #1 Part one

This Acer Buergarianum I bought online a couple of days ago from a Danish Bonsai Nursery: Nordic Bonsai Center. I have been looking at this tree for a while on their online catalog and really liked it.  I sent an e-mail to the nursery and made a request of this tree. Lucky they had not sold it yet! A couple of days later the tree arrived together with another tree I bought from them at my office. 
The tree it self is approx.  40 cm tall from the nebari and up. It looks very healthy. When it arrived it had just started to open the new spring leaves. The pot is a dark blue pot that is a bit too tall for this tree - but that I do not worry about now. Maybe next year I will repot it to a more suitable pot and in a different colour. 

Here are some more detailed pictures of the tree:

Below I have posted some pictures that show the tree 360 degrees:

Though it is almost to late to work on the tree I wanted to get my hands on it and do some minor adjustments. The tree has been trimmed to keep its overall appearance - meaning the long shoots have been cut. This has caused some ramification but it needs more attention to create a even stronger branch structure. 

The tree needs a good wiring but that I will do during the winter. I looked at the tree and took a few pictures of the areas that needs improvements. Some of them can be quick fix and others needs more planning\time.

Please see the pictures below:
Branch structure needs to be worked on.

The branches are a bit messy and needs both trimming and wiring.

Some of the long shoots I will cut off so the tree will focus on the branches that needs development.

Some branches are crossing over and needs to be replaced\shortened.

Some of the inner buds I need to grow longer in the future design of the tree and will be left.

This type of Acer grows in a way by shooting several shoot out from the same area.
 If let grow they will form a thick area where connected. This is not nice in the overall branch structure of the bonsai and needs to be adjusted.

A the tree is young most of the main branches are going quit straight up and should be bend a bit down.

I will apply some guy wire to some of the branches. I will not wire the tree now as i am afraid to damage the new shoots. In this situation guy wire is a good solution.

This is another branch that needs to be pushed downwards.

By pushing some of the branches downwards gives a more mature appearance to the tree.

This lower branch is quit small. I do not wish to cut it off as it can be used in the future design of the tree. It needs to be allowed to grow freely to add more thickness. The lower branches always needs to be thicker than ones above. This also create a appearance  of an older tree.

The nebari looks good. Can see a nice root spread but are not sure if there are more hiding underneath the surface soil. The 2 roots in front are quit dominating. If there are a bore even nebari underneath the soil I think they will have to go.  If not, then I might do some root layering at a later state.

In my next post regarding this tree I will show some of the "quick fix" I will apply to the tree now. The rest have to wait for better timing - not to jeopardise the health of the tree.

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