Saturday, January 3, 2015


Dear All

During my visit in Japan I bought a small Shimpaku Bonsai in Omiya Bonsai Village. The tree is around 40cm tall and very healthy. It needed some work to be done but a very good quality.
The pot was very small so I repotted it a bigger pot to make it easier for watering etc.

 At the moment my parents are taken care of my trees as I do not have space to take care of outdoor trees where I live. - Having it in a very small pot would be at higher risk to dry out especially during the summer.

Here are a picture of the tree when I bought it:

My plan is to make it a bit more upright style - the crown of the tree was very rounded when you see it in real life - So I have started to wire the tree and lower some of the branches. The tree is still not finished but I think it will end up looking very nice. The pot will also be changed with time - but for now it is good as a training pot. 

Here are a picture how the tree looks today:

Tree as it is today..

Below I have added some inspirational pictures for the upright style I will try to achieve with this tree:

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