Saturday, October 10, 2015

Small figus cuttings update

Dear All

A small update on the Figus cuttings I did in early spring. They have been placed in pots and one I have started as root over rock... but hidden still in the soil. I forgot to take some pictures when I did the start up... but as I have done the root over rock so early in the stage of this tree I am sure the result will pay off in the long (long) run.

All 4 survived.. but only have pic of 3 here as the last one is in my office.

In general the trees will have to go into bigger and bigger pots throughout the next 5-10 years.. as the trunks will have to get much fatter. 
At the moment they really do not look of much.. I know... but again.. in 20-30 years from now on...

Root over rock project

Cuttings in May 2015

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