Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Figus airlayering update

Dear All,

Today I decided to separate the tree from its old rootbase after I did the air layering a couple of month ago. 
It took some time as the saw I was using was terrible... so small reminder to my self to have good tools always for this kind of job. ;-)

I repotted the tree in the same pot but deeper to avoid the new roots to dry out. Later the tree will go in a more shallow pot.

The tree looks already so much better and more powerful as the hight have been reduced and the angel of the tree have been adjusted.

The top part of the crown is still way too big.. but for now I will leave the tree to grow freely to develop the new roots further. 
I am quit happy with the result so far.

Below I have added some pictures of the process. 

the repotted tree

The tree when I bought it.

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