Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Approx. 1 hour outside Tokyo you can find the Omiya Bonsai Village that are for sure worth a visit. There are some nurseries spread around in the village but all in walking distance. A charming little village where you get the feeling of everyday Japanese life. First visit we spend around 5 hours.. but it was SO warm ( around 35 degrees) - so I decided to come back for another visit a few days later ) more pictures to follow. 

One of the highlights in the village is the Omyia Bonsai Museum. With some  GREAT masterpieces. A lot of the trees are much bigger in real life than I had imagined! You are allowed to take pictures from the lobby and out of the windows but not in the garden it self except a small area. Behind the museum there are a small bonsai store that is also nice to visit.  Below I have added pictures form the visit:


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